Vocational Assessment, Planning and Support Services


Grant Langley
"Rehabilitation & Careers Practitioner"


Melanie Wenham
"Vocational Practitioner"

What Can We Do For You?

Simply, we focus on achieving positive outcomes for our clients.

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  • Providing careers counselling, personal support and employment assistance. 

  • Performing mental well-being checks and safety risk assessments. 

  • Completing work ability, psychosocial and occupational assessments.

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  • Identifying activity limitations, participation restrictions and in-work supports. 

  • Identifying job interests, transferable skills, work values and redeployment options.

  • Exploring career identity, personal attributes and possible selves.

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  • Determining career goals and assisting with career decision-making.

  • Identifying training and study options to support career development.

  • Formulating vocational pathway and career development plans.

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  • Evaluating job tasks, labour market information and remuneration data. 

  • Providing coaching in job search strategies, interview techniques and cover letters.

  • Preparing professional and tailored CVs. 

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  • Administering and interpreting careers and psychological tests.

  • Delivering outplacement, career transition and job displacement support.

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  • Running job search and motivational workshops and seminars

  • Coordinating placement, work experience and post-placement activities.

We have experience working with various client groups including those:

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  • People in receipt of welfare benefits and accident compensation.

  • People with mental, physical and developmental disabilities.

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  • Young adults and mature workers.

  • Individuals affected by job loss or displacement.

  • Individuals entering or returning to the workforce.

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  • People requiring careers transition advice.

  • People requiring study guidance and training support.

  • People seeking small business support.